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Iowa: The Unofficial Visit

Seantrel Henderson takes in the Minnesota-Iowa football game last Saturday in Iowa City along with his teammates James McGuire and Mark Alt.

As my friend from the University of Iowa Athletic Department told me, Seantrel Henderson, the No. 1 high school football recruit in the country, was the talk of the press box before last Saturday’s Minnesota-Iowa game. The conversation went something like this: “Gee, isn’t he big?”  Judging by the number of Brainerd High School players staring across the field before their game against Cretin-Derham Hall (CDH) the night before — which CDH won — being the biggest thing going has its advantages.


Seantrel Henderson profiled on Fox 9 this Sun., Nov. 22, at 9 p.m.

Fox 9 in the Twin Cities will profile Cretin-Derham Hall’s Seantrel Henderson on the “Fox Nine News at 9” newscast this Sunday evening. Producer Julie Michaels spent time arranging interviews in order get a glimpse of the guy who has been on the radar of every college football recruiter in America since he was a sophomore in high school. “What we tried to do is get behind the scenes and find out what it’s like to be so  in demand,” Michaels said. “I think what I took away from meeting Seantrel and talking to other people about him is how humble he seems to be. He’s a big guy with a big heart, big smile and just a really nice guy. And he surrounded by a family that’s very excited about his success!”

Michaels and cameraman Ron Johnson spent an evening at an impromptu family gathering over at his dad’s place. Grandmas, grandpa, girlfriend — everyone close to ‘Trel was there. Trish Van Pilsum is the reporter on the story. This piece promises to be an interesting sketch of the person behind the football player.


goldy ain’t too proud to beg!

Seantrel Henderson (second from left) along with his dad, Sean (furthest left), get a personal appeal from Goldy Gopher at the Minnesota – South Dakota State football game last Saturday at TCF Bank Stadium. The Gophers won, 16-13, but were repeated visits throughout the season by Seantrel, the Cretin-Derham Hall star offensive lineman who’s’s No. 1 high school football prospect in the country, enough to sway him to go to Minnesota?

Getting noticed by people is something Seantrel has had to adjust to. In a recent interview with me, Seantrel admitted his amazement at how technology played a part in being recognized by the fans on his recruiting trip to Ohio State in September: “It’s funny how technology works because everybody already knew who I am and who the other recruits were. So everybody was just screaming everybody’s name… screaming my name saying, ‘Come to Ohio State’… things like that. I didn’t know that everybody knew me like that. That kind of hit me a little bit.”

Seantrel has a few more visits left. This weekend he’s scheduled to take an unofficial trip to Iowa City to see the Iowa – Minnesota contest. Official visits include trips to USC on Dec. 5 and Florida Dec. 12. Good time to enjoy nice weather, Seantrel. Oklahoma was on his in his final five (Florida, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma and USC) plus one (Minnesota), but trip date has been set yet.


Michael and Seantrel: Together Again (for a weekend)

Notre Dame star wide receiver Michael Floyd will host his former teammate at Cretin-Derham Hall Seantrel Henderson when ‘Trel makes his official visit to South Bend this weekend. Floyd was tearing up college football with five TDs on only 13 catches and a 27 yard per catch average before breaking his collar bone against Michigan State Sept. 19. ‘Trel is still regarded as the top recruit in the country, a sure-fire plug and play left tackle.

Just to prove a wide receiver will really talk to a lineman, here’s picture proof!