Seantrel Henderson profiled on Fox 9 this Sun., Nov. 22, at 9 p.m.

Fox 9 in the Twin Cities will profile Cretin-Derham Hall’s Seantrel Henderson on the “Fox Nine News at 9” newscast this Sunday evening. Producer Julie Michaels spent time arranging interviews in order get a glimpse of the guy who has been on the radar of every college football recruiter in America since he was a sophomore in high school. “What we tried to do is get behind the scenes and find out what it’s like to be so  in demand,” Michaels said. “I think what I took away from meeting Seantrel and talking to other people about him is how humble he seems to be. He’s a big guy with a big heart, big smile and just a really nice guy. And he surrounded by a family that’s very excited about his success!”

Michaels and cameraman Ron Johnson spent an evening at an impromptu family gathering over at his dad’s place. Grandmas, grandpa, girlfriend — everyone close to ‘Trel was there. Trish Van Pilsum is the reporter on the story. This piece promises to be an interesting sketch of the person behind the football player.

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