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An Open Letter to Michael Vick

Dear Michael:

Thanks for giving me one of your autographed rookie cards back in 2001 at the rookie shoot in Orlando. I’m sure you remember me. But I’m really disappointed the value of your card has plummeted, from $1400 to about ten bucks and change now. I’m out some net worth here!

Dog fighting and the way you treated those animals is not cool. It was immoral. And you deserved to go to jail. Besides, you weren’t a very good criminal. Why didn’t you just give the money to one of your stupid homies, have the property put in their name instead of yours so you could maintain some sort of plausible deniability. I know “plausible deniability” is a big phrase for a guy who never completed college, but I think you get the idea.

I did buy your remorseful interview on 60 Minutes with James Brown. What sold me were your opening remarks about hearing the door slam behind you the magnitude of your decision-making finally hit you. It’s sad that for some people it takes getting to the bottom of the barrel before they realize they need to change their lives. I suppose we’ve all been there in some way, shape or form. Leonard Little resumed his career with the St. Louis Rams without much protest after killing a woman while driving intoxicated in 1998. He got only 90 days in jail. The difference between your situation and his is that a lot of people have driven while intoxicated — and made it home. They know deep down on another night they may have wound up like Leonard Little. But killing a dog? Most people can’t relate to that mind set.


Good luck on your second chance with the Eagles. Thanks, again, for the card.